Barbour International Menswear

Founded in 1936 by keen motorcyclist Duncan Barbour, Barbour International is an offshoot of the main brand - creating a bold and exciting collection of premium garments that are tailored for those passionate about motorcycling. The range of Barbour International wax jackets and quilted jackets are what the brand is most well-known for, with the iconic range being adopted by almost every member of the British International racing team for over 40 years - making their original motorcycle jacket become their flagship product, even up to present day. In their latest collection, Barbour International has evolved and adapted to bring their offering to the masses. Still heavily-inspired by it’s motorcycling roots, the brand carries a strong sense of classic, functional style with subtle nods to contemporary fashion. This season’s collection of Barbour International t-shirts and jumpers feature a fashionable cut and have subtle styling; making them a versatile piece that can become part of your everyday wardrobe.

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Barbour InternationalDeep Blue Whitburn T-Shirt
£19.00 £35.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Liquid Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
£35.00 £59.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Alloy Half Zip Sweatshirt
£59.00 £119.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Streamline Bank Gilet
£79.00 £149.00
Barbour InternationalWinter Grey Bramley Hoodie
£55.00 £99.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Track Quilted Sweat Jacket
£59.00 £119.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Duke Parka Wax Jacket
£149.00 £359.00
Barbour InternationalWomens Bitter Chocolate Aldea Quilted Jacket
£129.00 £249.00
Barbour InternationalWinter Grey Bramley Joggers
£45.00 £89.00
Barbour InternationalCharcoal Brockley Half Zip
£49.00 £89.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Element Hoodie
£75.00 £129.00
Barbour InternationalGrey Marl Renzo Half Zip Hoodie
£59.00 £119.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Corser Crew Sweatshirt
£55.00 £75.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Renzo Half Zip Hoodie
£59.00 £119.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Bramley Joggers
£45.00 £89.00
Barbour InternationalNavy Berber Fleece Zip Up
£65.00 £139.00
Barbour InternationalNavy Condition Fleece Gilet
£65.00 £119.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Wharf Quilted Sweat Jacket
£85.00 £139.00
Barbour InternationalWine Legacy Bobber Quilted Jacket
£109.00 £179.00
Barbour InternationalWomens Honey Volante Quilted Jacket
£119.00 £239.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Bramley Hoodie
£55.00 £99.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Bobber Quilt Jacket
£109.00 £189.00
Barbour InternationalBlack Link Overshirt
£75.00 £129.00
Barbour InternationalWomens Black Santa Rosa Quilted Jacket
£99.00 £189.00

Barbour International Wax Jackets & Quilted Jackets

Without a doubt, Barbour International is best-known for their collection of jackets. From the original wax jacket - The International - to more contemporary, lightweight quilted jackets, they are leaders in their field. Premium materials are used throughout to provide unrivalled durability, with utility-style pockets and high quality zips providing functionality. The unique black and yellow branding, wrist buckles and stitch detailing show the brand remains loyal to traditional details and are a clear nod to Barbour International’s roots in motorcycling, making their garments a standout from the crowd.

Given the versatility of the brand’s clothing line, you can choose something for every season. We’re official stockists of Barbour International so you can be confident you’ll receive genuine garments that can take pride of place in your wardrobe. Our full collection comes with free UK delivery on orders over £75 and hassle-free returns for peace of mind. We also offer flexible payment options with Klarna - what’s not to love?

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