A sporty offshoot of the famous Giorgio Armani brand, EA7 offers a more active, outdoor range of clothing with an Italian eye for detail. Known for their EA7 tracksuits, hoodies and jackets - get your EA7 apparel and accessories today from Designerwear with free UK delivery. As the dedicated sportswear range from the exceptional Emporio Armani brand, EA7 menswear is built for performance and style. Heading to the gym or relaxing at home, do it in the comfort of an ultra stylish EA7 tracksuit which features elasticated cuffs and waistbands, zipped pockets to hold your essentials and zip down the centre. If you’re looking to layer-up, the duck-down padding in EA7 gilets offers the best insulation between seasons.
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EA7White Logo Series T-Shirt
£39.00 £59.00
EA7Black Logo Series T-Shirt
£39.00 £55.00
EA7Black and Gold Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
£49.00 £70.00
EA7Black Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
£49.00 £70.00
EA7Black and Gold Cuffed Jog Pant
£49.00 £75.00
EA7Black and Gold Polyester Tracksuit
£75.00 £135.00
EA7China Blue Fundamental Sporty Crew Neck Sweatshirt
£49.00 £69.00
EA7China Blue Metallic Logo T-Shirt
£29.00 £39.00
EA7Sharkskin Metallic Logo T-Shirt
£29.00 £39.00
EA7Black Jersey Tracksuit
£75.00 £140.00
EA7Black Down Filled Lightweight Slim Fit Hooded Jacket
£89.00 £155.00
EA7Navy Down Filled Lightweight Slim Fit Hooded Jacket
£89.00 £155.00
EA7Black and Gold Down Filled Lightweight Slim Fit Hooded Jacket
£59.00 £155.00
EA7Blue Hooded Sweatshirt
£59.00 £85.00
EA7Navy Down Filled Slim Fit Gilet
£75.00 £135.00
EA7Black Down Filled Slim Fit Gilet
£75.00 £135.00
EA7Black Fundamental Sporty Half-Zip Sweatshirt
£49.00 £79.00
EA7Anthracite Grey Swim Short
£29.00 £79.99

Our men’s EA7 Collection

Testament to their performance, design and premium feel, EA7 have quickly become one of Italy’s finest sportswear brands. Designerwear have an exclusive collection of EA7 menswear each season; making sure you stand out from the crowd from head to toe. Giorgio’s love of sport has allowed EA7 clothing to become the epitome of high-fashion, premium sportswear that’s made to be easily recognisable with the prominent EA7 logo throughout their designs. Luxury materials such as duck-down and premium cotton feature throughout their collection to create a durable garment that’s made to last. 

EA7 isn’t all about the gym either, within our collection you’ll find a range of EA7 polos (both long and short sleeve), sliders, jumpers and more - perfect for dressing up or down. Don’t forget to take a look at our new range of Emporio Armani Loungewear for giving your at-home style a designer look, too.
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