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Wax LondonBlack Club Pleat Trouser
Wax LondonDark Grey Club Pleat Trouser
BerghausDark Blue Navigator 2.0 Trouser
£48.75 £65.00
Wax LondonCaramel Kurt Cord Trouser
£69.00 £109.00
EdwinBlack Labour Dart Pant
£81.75 £109.00
EdwinIvy Labour Dart Pant
£81.75 £109.00
Wax LondonBlack Pleat Trouser
£74.25 £99.00
Wax LondonBlack Kurt Cord Trouser
£81.75 £109.00
BelstaffBlack Grayson Trousers
£129.00 £175.00
Wax LondonCharcoal Kurt Cord Trouser
£81.75 £109.00
Wax LondonBlack Kurt Organic Cotton Twill Trouser
£71.25 £95.00
Wax LondonNavy Kurt Organic Cotton Twill Trouser
£71.25 £95.00
Wax LondonCharcoal Kurt Twill Trouser
£71.25 £95.00
Wax LondonKhaki Kurt Organic Cotton Twill Trouser
£59.00 £95.00
Marshall ArtistKhaki Cotton Polyamide Cargo Pant
£49.00 £85.00
Marshall ArtistBlack Cotton Polyamide Cargo Pant
£63.75 £85.00
FarahCharcoal Osborne Canvas Trouser
£41.25 £55.00
Tommy HilfigerGrey Heather Hawk Pant
£49.00 £75.00
Tommy HilfigerBeige Hawk Pant
£39.00 £69.00
FarahTrue Navy Rushmore Rugby Trouser
£41.25 £55.00
CC Collection CornelianiGrey Pleat Cotton Trousers
£29.00 £140.00
CC Collection CornelianiBeige Pleat Cotton Trousers
£29.00 £140.00
Nudie JeansBlack Slim Adam Dark Midnight Jean
£101.25 £135.00
Marshall ArtistSandstone Forte Polyamide Cargo Pant
£39.00 £85.00

Here we have a brilliant selection of designer men’s trousers in various styles which are bound to appeal to all tastes. A brilliant alternative to the regular trouser is the cord trousers which offers a soft textured finish; we have many coloured cord trousers in this collection by wonder-brand Levi’s which come in a flattering slim-fit. Pair your trousers or chinos with a designer shirt for a sophisticated look that would work well in a formal setting, or choose a designer t-shirt or sweatshirt option to go with jogging pants and cargo pants for a relaxed look.

For more lower body clothing options, take a look at our ranges of shorts which are perfect for the warmer weather, classic designer denim jeans, and jogging bottoms which are ideal for relaxing.

Stylish & Affordable Pieces at Designerwear

We are proud to be providers of designer clothing to our customers, offering the most well designed pieces of menswear in the highest quality materials, making our collections fashionable and reliable. The designer brands we stock are undeniable leaders in the industry and therefore create excellent clothing, accessories and footwear in various styles to suit the personal tastes of modern men. To pick up some bargains, drop by our clearance section and get in the know with the latest styles by taking a look at our new in page. Get clothing from top brands delivered direct to your door - receive free UK delivery on orders over £75! We are also happy to offer free returns.

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