Women's Sweatshirts

At Designerwear, our collection women's designer sweatshirts from top brands like Guess, Belstaff, and Cotopaxi. Our women's sweatshirts are not only stylish but also super comfortable, making them a staple for wardrobe. Our Guess sweatshirts are perfect you're after that casual yet trendy look with their playful designs. If you're after a more sustainable option, check out our women's Cotopaxi sweatshirts. Made from recycled materials, with colourful designs these look great with there adventurous style and eco-friendly.
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CastoreWomens Laurel Green Half Zip Sweatshirt
CastoreWomens Black Half Zip Sweatshirt
CastoreWomens Lichen Relaxed Quarter Zip Sweatshirt
ColumbiaWomens Marionberry Benton Springs Half Snap Pullover
ColumbiaWomens Light Grey Heather Benton Springs Half Snap Pullover
ColumbiaWomens City Grey Heather Benton Springs Half Snap Pullover
BelstaffWomens Moonbeam Signature Sweatshirt
BelstaffWomens Black Signature Sweatshirt
GuessWomens Pure White CN Script Sweatshirt
GuessWomens Jet Black CN Script Sweatshirt
HUGOWomens Open White Dalevis Sweatshirt
£59.00 £129.00
Moose KnucklesWomens Black Glendale Crew Neck Sweatshirt
£79.00 £209.00
GuessWomens Calm Pink Petals Triangle Sweatshirt
£29.00 £75.00
GuessWomens Pure White Petals Triangle Sweatshirt
£29.00 £75.00
CotopaxiWomens Water Slide Teca Fleece Pullover
£49.00 £100.00
CotopaxiWomens Dusty Trail Teca Fleece Pullover
£49.00 £100.00
ReplayWomens Light Rose Crew Neck Logo Sweatshirt
£49.00 £129.00
ColumbiaWomens Sea Salt Glacial IV Half Zip Fleece
£19.00 £30.00
Fine White LineWomens Black Orbit Quarter Zip Top
£29.00 £65.00
Fine White LineWomens White Orbit Quarter Zip Top
£25.00 £65.00
GuessWomens Vintage Blush Alona Sweatshirt
£39.00 £85.00
GuessWomens Hazy Green Alona Sweatshirt
£39.00 £85.00
GuessWomens Jet Black Alicia Sweatshirt
£39.00 £85.00
RainsWomens Fossil Fleece Half-Zip Jumper
£35.00 £79.00